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Donna Schilder

Professional Certified Coach

Leadership, Career, & Business Coach

(562) 434-7822 -

Donna Schilder

Mentor Coaching Testimonials

Donna is a ray of sunshine

Donna is a ray of sunshine. I heard her on the radio and immediately she invited a connection. That connection has never wavered. It has been years, and still working with Donna has me learning something new about myself and what I can do. She provides guidance, direction, empowerment, and friendship. She is what mentorship should be about: Someone to go to when you have questions or concerns, and someone you can listen to whose skill just makes you want to be a better coach

— Tiffany Dedeaux Moehn, MA, Assoc Certified Coach, Career Coach at Sacred Time
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Your offering of the ICF LA Teleclass of “Designing Impactful “Learning Style”-Based Actions” is powerful

Your offering of the ICF LA Teleclass of “Designing Impactful “Learning Style”-Based Actions” is powerful and generous and relevant. You are truly a creator and deliverer of value! Thank you for sharing and thank you for all you contribute to our Coaching profession and community.

— Lerae Gidyk, MCC, Executive & Mentor Coach
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Donna is a knowledgeable and ethical professional

Donna is a knowledgeable and ethical professional to whom I have referred friends. She has many life experiences that inform her work with other professionals from varied backgrounds. And, she’s fun to work with!

— Carol Ann Caesar, Psychologist at VCG,Inc.
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Donna knows to create space, silence and immediate rapport

Donna knows how to create space and silence and immediate rapport, despite me being in another country with a different culture. Merci beaucoup

— Emma Haley, Associate Certified Coach, Executive / Career Coach
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Donna is One Gifted Coach

Donna is one gifted Coach, – – able to see the forest AND the trees, and help you optimize both. I’ve worked with several talented business coaches and find Donna to be uniquely remarkable at helping me grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. She has my unconditional recommendation!

— Sherri Dettmer Cannon, Executive Producer, Co-host at Art of Participatory Leadership
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Donna Is a Very Talented Coach

I’ve had a pleasure of knowing Donna for a number of years and she was instrumental in helping us launch a coaching program at Dale Carnegie. Donna is a very talented coach and I’ve recommended her on many occasions to people who are looking for someone with great, positive energy and genuine care for people. Donna has a great gift for honoring people and making each person feel special. I am honored to know her and have her as a part of my professional network!

— Dave Stachowiak, Leadership Trainer, Innovate Learning, LLC
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