1. SYMBOLS FOR LINKEDIN. Adding symbols to your LinkedIn Profile can make it easier to read and more attractive. Since LinkedIn does not provide the capability to type symbols directly into your Profile, I have provided symbols you can copy and paste into it.
  2. NUMBER OF CHARACTERS IN LINKEDIN PROFILE FIELDS. It’s important to know how many characters are available in each LinkedIn Profile field so that you can use your LinkedIn “Real Estate” wisely.
  3. LinkedIn Podcast Interview – How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job:  See below.
  4. TURNING OFF LINKEDIN NOTIFICATIONS. When making bulk changes to your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to turn off your notifications, so that your connections aren’t inundated with alerts of your profile change.
  5. Top Keywords Used by Recruiters on “The Ladders” Website
  6. TOP MOST LINKED PEOPLE ON LINKED.  Being linked to the most connected people on Linked can increase your LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Read this article to find a list of the most linked people on LinkedIn and how to connect with them.
  7. PODCAST INTERVIEW – GET THE MOST FROM LINKEDIN. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Is it up to date? Do you get any benefit from it? If not, on this podcast you will learn how to get the most from LinkedIn to help you network, build your brand, and influence the world.