Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace Resources List

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

As leaders, we’re all working to increase Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. As people, we’re striving to:

  • Become more aware of and eliminate our biases and prejudices
  • Become more comfortable talking about race and racism (and all the other “ism’s”)
  • Increase our focus on creating equal opportunity
  • Support social change and inclusivity
  • Learn to intervene more effectively in racism, injustice, inequity, and discrimination
  • Create a world that is just, equal, inclusive, that embraces diversity

One of the ways we can increase Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is to learn about Bias, Racism, Discrimination, Racial Injustice, and Racial Inequity through books, articles, and films.

To that end, we have compiled this list of resources to help you learn more about Bias (conscious and unconscious), Diversity, Inclusion, Discrimination, and increasing racial equity in the world and in the workplace.

Included on the list are books, movies, articles, videos, TED Talks, podcasts, radio programs, and social media sources. The types of bias and discrimination included are racism, ethnicism, sexism, LGBTQIA Discrimination, People with Disabilities Discrimination, Generationalism, Ageism, and Veteran Discrimination.

The publication of this list does not imply that we at Donna Schilder Coaching (and Glacier Point Solutions), agree with or endorse the information, opinions, attitudes, and/or political views in these resources; we’re just providing resources to help you learn more about these issues and the different ideas and opinions that people have on them. The list is intended to support deeper thought, increased knowledge, self-examination, and personal growth in relation to these topics.

Strategies to Increase Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Understanding Bias, Prejudice & Discrimination

Racism – African & Black Americans


Sexism in the Workplace

Racism – Latinx

Racism in the Workplace – Latinx

Racism – Asian Americans

Racism in the Workplace – Asian Americans

Discrimination – LGBTQIA

Discrimination in the Workplace – LGBTQIA

Discrimination – People with Disabilities

Discrimination in the Workplace – People With Disabilities

Ageism & Generationalism

Ageism in the Workplace

Discrimination – Veterans

diversity & inclusion in the workplace

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