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Donna Schilder

7 Questions for Leadership Development

question-mark-96286_640In the two previous posts I have discussed questions that Leaders can ask their employees to uncover important information and build relationships.  In this post, I will share questions Leaders can ask themselves to foster their own Leadership growth.

Questions are powerful tools for professional development, both for your staff and for you.  They can force you to examine areas and issues you would not otherwise review; help you create new approaches and strategies, and foster new awareness.

Here are some powerful questions to ask yourself:

1.  Do you foster personal transformation in your staff?

2.  Do you serve your staff, or do you see your staff as only there to serve you?

3.  Are truly present when you meet with your staff, or are you distracted?

4.  Do you seek constructive feedback from your staff?

5.  Are you able to consider and act on constructive feedback, even when it’s difficult to hear?

6.  Do you utilize consensus-style decision-making when it is appropriate?

7. Do you make decisions yourself when they are time sensitive or do not strongly impact multiple departments?

Leadership growth does not require big changes.  Many small shifts and adjustments over time will add up to a large improvement in your leadership style.

ACTION STEP:  Truly ponder the answers to the questions above and create 3 actions or mindset shifts for improvement.

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