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Donna Schilder

Your Accountant Would Probably Tell You That Career Coaching Is Deductible


tax deductibleHiring a Job Search Coach can:


  • Speed up your Job Search process by months, sometimes years


  • Help you access jobs you would never have uncovered


  • Help you negotiate the best perks and pay possible, so that you are more successful professionally and monetarily


  • Help you gain skills that you will use for a lifetime


That kind of leg up, can make the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of one’s lifetime.  The bottom line is, you are worth the investment!  And your return on investment will be 10 fold.

Hiring a Career Coach can help you find meaning, purpose, fulfillment and happiness in your work. It can also help you move up to the next level management, so that you are more successful and receive greater monetary reward for your hard work.

In an article in Forbes Magazine, Margaret Dikel, editor of The Riley Guide, a career information directory, stated: “good coaches can help clients master a number of career-boosting skills, including presentation, negotiation and communication. They can also help professionals leverage their experience and talents and find new ways to apply these skills.”

And, the great news is, that the investment you make in Career Coaching or Job Search Coaching may earn you a tax deduction.

I recently ran across an article in the Huffington Post that states that most likely Career Coaching is tax deductible: New Job? Tax Deductions for Your Job Search Can Save You Money on Your Taxes

So go ahead, invest in yourself.   You’re worth it!



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