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Donna Schilder

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Donna Schilder

Job Search Tips Spundge Notebook

Below is my “Job Search Tips” Spundge Notebook. A Spundge Notebook is a curated collection of articles, blogposts, videos, and tweets on a specific topic. In this case, my “Job Search Tips” Notebook is a collection of stories that I think would be helpful to people who are looking for a new job.

I work to select the best articles on job search, so that you have access to the latest stories out there on:

1. Cutting edge tips on using social media to find a job and promote your personal brand
2. Using job search websites to find job openings
3. The inside track on what recruiters are looking for
4. Trends in resume format and layout
5. The hottest jobs in the current job market

This notebook is my gift to help you along on your journey toward obtaining your dream job.

Job Search Tips

job search tips

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