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Donna Schilder

Professional Certified Coach

Leadership, Career, & Business Coach

(562) 434-7822 -

Donna Schilder

Coaching helped me grapple with a very complex set of issues and life events and gave me the direction…

Coaching helped me grapple with a very complex set of issues and life events and gave me the direction and guidance to start taking action, one step at a time. It gave me the means and the courage to not only get unstuck but then to keep going as I unraveled and learned and tried to figure out what was next. I have become more clear about my desired Career and life path and built confidence so that I am better able to sell myself. In addition, I gained a better understanding of how I learn and work, along with some tools to be more productive.

— T.G., Marketing Consultant

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Clarity is what I needed and you helped me find it

Clarity is what I needed and you helped me find it, which in turn allowed me to focus my job search and my resume. These things have led to my new position as Director of Studio Operations at Living Spaces.  I’m really excited about this opportunity and have you to thank for helping me get here.

— Jackie Diener, Director of Studio Operations, Living Spaces

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Donna stands out with her distinctive style and expertise

Donna has unique insights into the benefits and impacts of coaching professionals on how to utilise their LinkedIn Profile. On a one-to-one coaching basis and as a speaker, Donna demonstrates her knowledge, enthusiasm and practical advice as she enables professionals in presenting their talents, capabilities and experience. Donna stands out with her distinctive style and expertise, I would highly recommend her as a Career Coach to accelerate your career and networking reach using LinkedIn.

— Nicky Westhead, Transformation Specialist, Executive Coach

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Donna truly cares about your success

Donna truly cares about your success. She is patient, motivating and dedicated. Check out her “step by step” guide for learning and utilizing Linked In. It’s a huge help.

— Jeanne Maguire, LAc, PhD, Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Licensed Acupuncturist, Age-less Acupuncture and Wellness Center

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Donna is a LinkedIn Expert

I want to recommend Donna Schilder as a LinkedIn Expert. I attended a Teleseminar presentation that was one of the best I have ever attended in ten years of listening to other experts on different subjects. I am a little slow with technology, and she made everything so simple that I was inspired to follow her tips that she offered from her E-Book immediately and tell others about her course. Get LinkedIn NOW! She explains everything in detail in and compelling manner—her content is superb, and her style accessible and accountable. Thank you Donna  for all your support and expertise. You have added to my treasure box of LinkedIn information.

— Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Marketing Coach, Brainstorming for Success

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Donna helped me prepare for an important job interview

Donna has helped me in many ways, including preparing me for an important job interview. As a result of her coaching I was more confident during the interview, gave powerful & specific answers to the questions, and felt a sense of ease. Without her coaching I know that the interview would not have gone as well as it did, nor would I have felt as sure of myself. I am tremendously grateful for the coaching I received from Donna.

— Heather Backstrom, Ph.D. Ed.D., Human Resources Manager at JPL/NASA

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