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Donna Schilder

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Donna Schilder

Why Can’t I find a Job?

1) How Long Does It Take to Find a Job?

hard find a job

2) Job Search Marketing Collateral

  • Bad Resume
    • Poorly written resume
    • Not tailoring the resume to the position
    • Typos and grammar errors
    • Formatting errors
    • Inappropriate format
    • Resume doesn’t match the job
    • Lack of experience
    • The wrong experience emphasized for the position
    • Too long
    • Unprofessional email address
    • Out of date contact information
  • Bad Cover Letter
    • Bad grammar, typos
    • Unprofessional
    • Wrong format
    • Not highlighting the right experience
    • Not tailored to the job or company
    • Too long
    • Too short
  • Bad Elevator Speech
    • Unclear
    • Too Long
    • Not Compelling
    • Insincere
    • Unattainable
  • Weak Personal Brand
    • Not Presenting a Strong Personal Brand at Networking Events
    • Not Presenting a Strong Personal Brand Within Your Company
  • Bad References
  • LinkedIn Profile
    • No picture
    • Picture unprofessional
    • No contact information
    • Profile doesn’t match position
    • Profile unprofessional
    • Profile not robust enough
    • Typos
    • Bad Profile format
    • No Recommendations
    • No Contacts
    • Linked with inappropriate contacts
    • No Endorsements
    • Not understanding the purpose: “I like many believe that Linked In is all about business and not gossip, etc. I hope I am not breaking with protocol but today my daughter graduates from high school.”



  • Social Media
    • Facebook
      • Inappropriate or illegal activity or political or bashing your company or boss


Twitter Instagram YouTube
Yelp AboutMe Google+
Friendster Meetup Classmates
myHeritage Tumblr Vine
MySpace Flixster


  • Past Employer Websites
  • Past Resumes Posted on Job Search Websites
  • Pictures on the
    • Shutterfly
    • Picasa
    • Google Images
    • iPhone Photos
    • Web Albums
  • Illegal activity
  • Mistaken identity
  • Bad credit
  • Personal Websites


3) Productivity Issues

  • Not Applying to Enough Jobs
    • Eliminating yourself from jobs you quality for
    • Fear
    • Not knowing the right keywords to find jobs you qualify for
    • Not putting enough time into it
    • Underestimating the number of resumes or phone calls or emails it takes to find a job
  • Not Networking Enough
  • Not Working Your Network Effectively
    • Fear
    • Don’t want to be a bother
    • Don’t know you have a network

4) Being Too Choosy

5) Not Using Multiple Job Search Strategies

6) Not Interviewing Well

  • Not dressing appropriately for the interview
  • Not having good body language in the interview
  • Seeming desperate
  • Being a smoker
  • Not showing a good work ethic
  • Being arrogant
  • Being self centered
  • Being too passive
  • Fear
  • Bashing your last company
  • Not following up
  • Following up too much
  • Money
    • Asking for too much money
    • Not asking for enough money
    • Bringing money up too soon

7) Blackballed in the industry

8) Bad Press