Job Search Strategies Example2COMMON JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES

1. Recruiters & Headhunters
2. Work Your Existing Network
3. Network to Find a Job
4. Job Search Websites
5. LinkedIn
6. Company Website Job Listings


7. Network into Your Target Companies
8. Leverage Your Past Employers
9. Perform Informational Interviews
10. Career Center at Your College or University
11. Career Fairs (University, Public, Regional, Publication, Industry)

12. Trade Shows

13. Post Resume on Job Search Websites
14. Job Ads on Professional Organization Websites & in Printed Newsletters

Work Your Way Into a Job

15. Consult
16. Contract Work
17. Temporary Agencies
18. Volunteer Work
19. Internships
20. Entry Level Jobs (Work Your Way Up)
21. Create Your Dream Job at Your Current Company
22. Create Your Dream Job at a Target Company

Non-Traditional Job Search Methods

23. Social Media (Other Than LinkedIn)
24. Mass E-Mailing or Paper Mailing
25. Cold Phone Calls
26. Printed Newspaper Want Ads
27. Newspaper Job Ads Online
28. Your Own Website (Resume, Work Samples, Portfolio)

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