Tolerations are situations or conditions that are irritating in our lives and work that could be eliminated, but we’re putting up with them. Tolerations have a negative impact on you and consume your time, energy and resources. Tolerations are distracting, frustrating, and cause us worry. If we work to identify all of our Tolerations in our lives and then work to eliminate them, we are able to reduce our anxiety, gain more energy, feel more calm, and un-clutter our perception.

Areas to examine for Tolerations include: Work, People, Yourself, Your House, Your Personal Items, Health, and Money.

I first encountered this concept through my training at Coach U and it have been very useful to me in my life and work. This concept has helped me be more productive in my life and work. I suggest you make a list of all the Tolerations in your life on a yearly basis and create a campaign to get rid of them. Don’t be afraid to enlist help from your family, friends, colleagues, and boss. Often multiple Tolerations come from one source and so you may be able to batch them by cause or by area and eliminate multiple Tolerations by taking one or a few actions.


  1. Messy desk
  2. Not having the right equipment
  3. Broken equipment
  4. Your job
  5. Overworking yourself at work
  6. Procedures that are cumbersome
  7. Work that doesn’t suit your personality
  8. A web page or marketing collateral that needs to be fixed or revised
  9. Too much email
  10. Not having enough training
  11. A bad boss



  1. A friend who is dramatic, doesn’t give back, is irresponsible, is inconsiderate, is negative
  2. A hairdresser that you don’t like
  3. An inattentive doctor
  4. Family members who take advantage of you



  1. Self criticism
  2. Self doubt
  3. A haircut you don’t like
  4. Stained teeth
  5. Clothes you hate
  6. Not making time to do things you love
  7. Being negative too much of the time



  1. A creaky board
  2. A cupboard door that won’t close
  3. A cluttered room
  4. A dishwasher that’s rusty
  5. A cracked tile
  6. Tripping over the kids or dogs toys
  7. Rooms that need to be painted
  8. Not having a spare key hidden
  9. Mildew in the shower
  10. Spiderwebs or dust
  11. Old food in the refrigerator
  12. Not enough storage


Personal Items

  1. A messy car
  2. Limited trunk space
  3. Unreliable car
  4. Too many possessions



  1. Weighing more than your ideal weight
  2. A health issue that could be corrected
  3. Not exercising
  4. Eating too much sugar
  5. Not going to the doctor
  6. Allergies



  1. Not having a financial cushion
  2. Not having enough retirement funds
  3. Having someone owe you money
  4. Owing someone else money
  5. Not making enough money
  6. Not having a will or trust in place


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