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Donna Schilder

Professional Certified Coach

Leadership, Career, & Business Coach

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Donna Schilder
Donna Schilder

Career Coaching

Hi, I'm Donna Schilder, Master Certified Coach (MCC). Welcome to my Career Coaching webpage.

Because there are so many variables involved in choosing a Career Path, it's difficult to make a good decision. I know, because I personally tried 20 Careers before I found my calling as a Executive & Career Coach!

Just because you're good at something, doesn't mean that it will be fulfilling, match your personality, or create the life you want.

That's why I developed my own "Career Exploration Process" to help you ensure you take into account ALL the variables and choose a path that will make you happy and successful.

As your Career Coach, I will tailor my process to your needs and once you've decided on a path, I will help you create and execute an Action Plan to find your perfect Job or start a fulfilling & successful business.

Based in Southern California, I Coach clients throughout California including Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Orange County, and I Coach clients throughout the United States.

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Benefits of Career Coaching

Are you suffering in a job you hate?


Are you confused about what career or business will give you the life you want to live?

I can help!

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up either!!!  So I know how frustrated you are and how important it is to find your true calling!!! I was 43 when I finally found mine.

But I want you to avoid my career missteps and find the bliss of doing work that aligns with your values, desired lifestyle, and personality, NOW!

I have held over 20 different types of jobs myself (from TV Reality Show Researcher to Logistics Specialist for the B-2 Bomber).  In addition, as I a Business Consultant for over 10 years (I worked with every type of department [from HR to Engineering] in many different companies [from manufacturing to healthcare]).  Through that experience I was able to observe the day-to-day experience of doing over 200 different types of jobs.

So I can give you the insight you need to avoid jobs that you’ll hate and work toward obtaining the job of your dreams!

In addition, I have developed a Career Exploration process that has helped hundreds of people choose work that makes them happy and allows them to be successful.

Career Exploration Process Flowchart

Let me help you find meaning and purpose!

As your Career Coach I will:

Let me be your guide in your career exploration.


  1. Guide you to more deeply understand yourself and what you want from your career and/or business.
  2. Provide you with lists of possible careers and businesses.
  3. Help you create a list of criteria to select the right career path.
  4. Serve as a sounding board for your career exploration.


As you follow my Career Exploration Process, you will:

  1. Complete Career & Personal Inventories and Assessments* and answer questions to learn more about yourself (e.g., your values, personality type, learning style, & desired work characteristics).
  2. Select criteria from your inventories and our discussions by which to evaluate your Career options.
  3. Create an extensive list of career &/or business possibilities.
  4. Evaluate your career/business possibilities against the criteria (using a Career Criteria Matrix).
  5. Select the top three options based on the results of your personalized Criteria Matrix.
  6. Identify ways to further research your top three choices.
  7. Analyze your research and decide on your path for now and the future.
  8. Create a plan to get the job of your dreams or launch the business of your dreams!!!


*We will use a variety of personal and career assessments which may include:

  • The Values in Action Inventory (VIA Strengths Inventory) created by Martin Seligman, Positive Psychologist
  • The Myers Briggs Type Indicator or Kiersey Temperament Sorter
  • The Learning Style Inventory
  • The Desired Work Characteristics Inventory
  • The DiSC Assessment

Your Plan to Find Your Dream Job

When you complete my Career Exploration process, you will be clear about your direction and you will be to take the necessary actions to achieve your career goals.  

Having clarity, makes taking action much easier!  



I am also a Job Search expert, so, when you’re ready, I will help you find your dream job or create a Business Plan for your new business.

And, your Accountant will probably tell you that Career Coaching is deductible!

Don’t stay in a field you don’t love, any longer!

So schedule your complimentary consultation with me NOW!





What People are Saying About Donna

Career Coaching

Coaching helped me grapple with a very complex set of issues and life events and gave me the direction and guidance to start taking action, one step at a time. It gave me the means and the courage to not only get unstuck but then to keep going as I unraveled and learned and tried to figure out what was next. I have become more clear about my desired Career and life path and built confidence so that I am better able to sell myself. In addition, I gained a better understanding of how I learn and work, along with some tools to be more productive.

— T.G., Marketing Consultant

I began working with Donna more than a year ago with the purpose of developing a smarter approach to career and company exploration–I have been working for the same company for almost 30 years and am ready to change companies, jobs and industries. Donna began by reviewing the career exploration results from the past, then working with me to determine my values and desired business characteristics, then map these against potential jobs. The result was a focused set of jobs that I could begin exploring. Since our first meeting, I have made extensive use of the resources on her web site (more comprehensive than anything else I’ve seen) and have had quite a few informational interviews which have helped me not only hone in on what I like but revealed that there are some jobs I have no interest in doing. After each interview we discussed what happened and what’s next (e.g., after sending a thank-you note, it never occurred to me to occasionally check in with those I interviewed with when they had jobs I wasn’t interested in). One tool that I’ve used for networking is Linked In (LI). I used to think of LI as Facebook for business but Donna showed me how to strengthen my profile and use it more effectively (e.g., LI has helped me find people to have informational interviews with). Finally, Donna has helped me stay focused in my search, especially when she saw that I wasn’t spending much time on it. She encouraged me to track my weekly activities, then asked me at one point how much time I was willing to devote to this search. It was a nice reality check: to have someone on the outside challenge me to revisit the commitment to meeting my goal because at that pace (1… Read More

— Bill Zint

Through my work with you as my Coach, I have gained clarity about my values and and about what I want in my career and life. This clarity is empowering. It gives me a new framework for thinking about my career and personal life, and because of this I am more confident that the path I am on will lead me to happiness and fulfillment. Through your insights I also learned a lot about myself, the way I think, and the importance of self care. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with you and hope we can continue our work in the future.

— E.Z., Retail Fixture Designer
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LinkedIn Coaching & LinkedIn Video E-Course

Donna is a great teacher and communicator with a heart of gold. Donna has taken the time to de-mystify LinkedIn for professional coaches. Her newsletter and courses are packed with results based strategies. As a direct result of just one strategy that Donna teaches, I’ve had the opportunity to enroll two new wonderful clients recently!

— Diana Long, Success Coach & Consultant at

I bought Donna’s 6-week eCourse “Get LinkedIn Now!” and I highly recommend it to others. I was already using LI regularly and with good results, but Donna’s insights and know-how of LI are making a difference in my online business. Great content for beginners to advance users. It’s very easy to apply what we learn on the videos to our day-to-day to see results.

— Ana Melikian, PhD, BCC, ACC, Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach
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