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Donna Schilder

Professional Certified Coach

Leadership, Career, & Business Coach

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Donna Schilder
Donna Schilder

Job Search Coaching

Hi, I'm Donna Schilder, Master Certified Coach (MCC). Welcome to my Job Search Coaching webpage.

Looking for a job can be overwhelming. It’s a great deal of work to create a resume, submit resumes to job search websites like and, attend networking events, work your own network, prepare for interviews.

Then, there’s that new component: Social Media. How do you know what to put in your LinkedIn Profile, how to leverage it to network, how to look for a job on LinkedIn. And you’re wondering, do I need to use Facebook, Twitter, or any of these others sites.

When you work with me as your Job Search Coach, you still need to deal with all of these things, but I can help you do it more efficiently and effectively.

And, as your Job Search Coach, I will be there to support you in the ups and downs of the process.

I support job seekers in Long Beach, California, Orange County, Southern California, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, and job seekers throughout the United States.

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Benefits of Job Search Coaching

 Are you miserable in your current job?

Did you just get laid off?

I can help you find a job search faster and more efficiently.  And, I can help you uncover more possibilities to choose from.

When you engage me as your Job Search Coach, you will select from the following topics to support your job search efforts.  We can work together to help you:


  1. Employ a greater number of Job Search Strategies.
  2. ResumeDetermine which industries to target.
  3. Explore career options.
  4. Select your career or job type.
  5. Effectively connect with Recruiters.
  6. Learn to Network more effectively at networking events.
  7. Use your existing business network more effectively.
  8. Write a compelling resume.
  9. Effectively search for opportunities on the right Job Search websites.
  10. Create a Job Search Plan.
  11. Develop your LinkedIn Profile.
  12. Use LinkedIn to find a job.
  13. Be more organized.
  14. Create a schedule for your job search to ensure you make continuous progress.
  15. Increase productivity.
  16. Have greater resilience when you face rejection.
  17. Build your confidence.
  18. Interview more effectively.
  19. Position yourself to apply for a higher level position.
  20. Negotiate the best salary and benefits possible.


The Job Search process can be daunting and overwhelming and time-consuming. Clients who regularly meet with me regularly find that they are better able to sustain their motivation to keep searching for and therefore more consistently and effectively execute their job search tasks. And they are less apt to become discouraged.

I will even help you love your job search. Your job search can be fun, enlightening, and fear free!

I also have LinkedIn Expertise and have made videos on how to use it, led Teleseminars, and written e-books to support people in using LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

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We also offer a separate program for those who want to focus only on improving their Interview Skills.

Don’t stay in a job that makes you unhappy any longer!

Schedule your complimentary consultation with Donna NOW!:



Check with your Accountant, Job Search Coaching may be deductible!

What People are Saying About Donna

Job Search Coaching

Coaching helped me grapple with a very complex set of issues and life events and gave me the direction and guidance to start taking action, one step at a time. It gave me the means and the courage to not only get unstuck but then to keep going as I unraveled and learned and tried to figure out what was next. I have become more clear about my desired Career and life path and built confidence so that I am better able to sell myself. In addition, I gained a better understanding of how I learn and work, along with some tools to be more productive.

— T.G., Marketing Consultant

Clarity is what I needed and you helped me find it, which in turn allowed me to focus my job search and my resume. These things have led to my new position as Director of Studio Operations at Living Spaces.  I’m really excited about this opportunity and have you to thank for helping me get here.

— Jackie Diener, Director of Studio Operations, Living Spaces

Donna has unique insights into the benefits and impacts of coaching professionals on how to utilise their LinkedIn Profile. On a one-to-one coaching basis and as a speaker, Donna demonstrates her knowledge, enthusiasm and practical advice as she enables professionals in presenting their talents, capabilities and experience. Donna stands out with her distinctive style and expertise, I would highly recommend her as a Career Coach to accelerate your career and networking reach using LinkedIn.

— Nicky Westhead, Transformation Specialist, Executive Coach

Donna truly cares about your success. She is patient, motivating and dedicated. Check out her “step by step” guide for learning and utilizing Linked In. It’s a huge help.

— Jeanne Maguire, LAc, PhD, Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Licensed Acupuncturist, Age-less Acupuncture and Wellness Center
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