My Life Coaching clients experience a 25% increase in their Life Satisfaction (on average) after working with me for 3 to 6 months (based on Martin Seligman’s Life Satisfaction Inventory).

I attribute this amazing increase in happiness to two things:

* The courage and dedication with which my clients work to improve their lives.

*The time they take with me to examine their lives and make plans for the future.

Julie is a great example of what is possible through coaching.  Julie came to me to find more meaning in her work and personal life.  She was feeling burnt out, empty, and disconnected.

Julie and I started by working together to build a list of possible careers and business that she could be passionate about.  Julie discovered that there were many possibilities she had never thought of and started to get excited about some very creative options we uncovered.

We then compared Julie’s Signature Strengths, personality type, and desired income against the list of options.   Julie narrowed down the list to:  Personal Shopper, Tutor, Personal Organizer, Trainer, and Window Decorator.  Matching the career options against her Signature Strengths gave Julie more courage to look at options that were exciting to her, but unconventional.

Julie researched her top options and settled on Personal Shopper.  This job would give her flexibility, independence, a chance to indulge her passion for shopping.

She started by volunteering to shop for some friends and doing informational interviews with people already in the business.  The more research she did, the more excited she became.  She is now in the process of launching her business and already has some paying clients.

With Julie’s shift in thinking toward possibility instead of scarcity, she is experiencing more fulfillment from her current job as a copywriter.  She had traditionally done copywriting for technical companies and is now attracting clients whose products she believes in and finds interesting.  She has begun writing newsletters for helping professionals such as chiropractors and acupuncturists.

Julie is having fun again as a writer and is thinking about keeping her writing business and combining it with the personal shopping business.

Julie has also become more open to taking risks in her relationships and is thereby finding more meaning in her personal life.  She now has the courage to initiate new friendships and is connecting with her current friends on a deeper level.

Julie found great success through participating in coaching and after six moths her Level of Satisfaction with her life has gone up by 35%.

In Julie’s words:  “Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on our sessions and how to be successful at this thing we call life.”

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