Below are some Air Quality Instrument Specialist sample interview questions you can use to help you prepare for job interviews. Try practicing with a partner or your Coach in order to obtain feedback. This will help you improve your answers and get more comfortable answering questions as they come up in an interview. If you practice alone, answer the questions aloud and record yourself if you can so that the words come easily to you in your interviews and you can hear the comfort level in your voice. Try it in front of a mirror!

1. Can you tell me about your experience maintaining and servicing instrumentation and equipment for air contaminant monitoring?

2.  Have you worked on meteorological stations?

3.  How do you ensure that the date you record is accurate?

4.  What is your experience in repairing and calibrating meteorological equipment? Other equipment?

5.  Tell me about how you have worked with strip charts and other data.

6.  What have you done to troubleshoot meters, pumps, filters, recorders, and/or circuit boards?

7.  What would you do if there were abnormal fluctuations of in a meter?

8.  Describe how you would replace defective parts for instruments.

9.  Describe how you would calibrate a meter.

10.  What are the steps in set up and installation of air monitoring equipment?

11.  How often are periodic instrumentation tests performed for flow meters and recorders?

12.  What would you test for a flow meter or recorder?

13.  Tell me about your experience performing journey level repairs of contaminant monitoring instruments.

14.  Tell me about any special impact studies you have performed.

15.  What is your experience doing training and presentations?  What do you think is the key to performing training successfully?

16. What is your experience in leading site tours?

17. What are the challenges in maintaining logs, records and reports?

18. What would your current boss say are your strengths as a technician?  What would they say are your weaknesses as a technician?

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