It can be difficult to know how to visualize a future for ourselves that is in tune with our personal needs and values; to visualize a life that truly fits who we are, and who we want to be.  A wonderful inspiring way to do this is to make a Dream Board.  You can awaken your dreams and make them a living reality.

The world of business encourages us to set concrete goals, complete with deadlines and time-plans.  It tells us that each goal should be broken into tasks; each task broken into sub-tasks and each sub-task plotted in our calendar.  Then each day should be built around a to-do list, which should then be ranked in order of priority.

These methods can encourage goals which are prosaic and materialistic – and not necessarily suited to our deepest needs and desires.

Which Path is Right for You?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to know what we really want out of life. There are so many choices that it can be hard to know which path to take and which will suit us best.  So much so that it can sometimes be difficult to even find a dream, let alone make it a reality. There have been so many outside influences in our lives – parents telling us what they want for us; school telling us what we should do; the media; partners; friends – it is often an uphill struggle to be able to find out in the midst of all this who we really are and what we really want. But our real self is in there, just awaiting discovery.  Our real self is brilliant, creative, imaginative, expressive, curious, and in tune with the Universe.

Awakening a Deeper Level

Making a Dream Board is a way to awaken this deeper level of your soul.  It is a way of tuning you in to what will nourish you and replenish your spirit; a way of harnessing the powers of visualization and capturing your dreams in actual visual form. This is only the beginning.  Once your Dream Board has been made, it entices you forward to step into its amazing vistas. It doesn‘t just do this when you first make it; after that, it beckons continuously, inviting you to move towards it, thus decreasing the vacuum created between you and it – between your life now and your possible life.

Start to Live Your Dreams

There is an additional advantage.  You don’t have to wait to realize your dreams.  By their very nature, the sort of vistas on your Dream Board are ones which you can step into right now.  Just by bringing them into your consciousness, you are already creating them in your present reality. By moving towards them, you are simultaneously stepping into them.  Thus your future is already becoming reality in your present moment.  You do not have to waste your life waiting to achieve some distant goal; you can start to live it now.

Making Your Dream Board

To make a Dream Board, first gather together a collection of magazines, travel brochures or any suitable print material, and a pair of scissors.  Quite ordinary everyday magazines are fine for this purpose; it is you who will render the materials special.

Then make a quiet space for yourself, free from distraction, perhaps with a tape of ocean sounds, or whatever inspires you – or some soothing aromatherapy oils – and go through each magazine, cutting out any caption which ‘speaks to’ you, inspires you in some way or just grabs your attention. In a similar way, cut out pictures which seem intriguing or visually relevant to you.

You will end up with a lot of pictures and captions.  Now start to reduce the number of captions.  Eliminate any that seem less important to you or which have a similar meaning to others.  Aim to finish up with about 20 captions.

Now fit pictures to them.  These may be pictures you have already, or you may go seeking for more.  If any of the pictures you already have seem to demand a different caption from those already chosen, then find a new capitation for each.

An example of possible captions could be, ‘Live for the Moment’, ‘Health and Harmony’, ‘Crystal Vision’, ’Looking for Love’ or ‘Reawaken Your Senses’.

Next, get a large piece of board.  You can buy mount board quite cheaply from an art shop.  Even a very large sheet of paper would do (although it would be less durable).  Find some suitable glue (I use craft glue) that won’t wrinkle your pictures.

If necessary, test it our on an unimportant piece of paper first. Arrange the 20 or so pictures together with their captions on the board, then glue them all on. There you have your finished Dream Board.  Find a suitable place to put it, where you will see it often, then find a way to put it up on the wall.  Perhaps it could rest on a chest of drawers, or you could use nails or paper fasteners and string.

Eliciting Meanings

That in itself is enough – but if you want to do more – delve more deeply into the meanings of your creations – then you can ask yourself three questions for each dream:

What Does that Look Like for Me?

This helps you to illuminate some meanings of your captions and pictures.  Any picture or caption could have a myriad of different meanings according to who was interpreting them.  Your particular meanings are personal to you, and only you can interpret your pictures and what they mean for you.

How is that Showing Up in My Life Now?

This helps you to realize that this dream is already a reality in your life in some shape or form.  Answering this question also helps you to draw the dream further into your present reality.  Just by having awoken a dormant dream, or reconfirmed a dream you already knew about, you have now brought them into consciousness and thus made them real.  They now exist in your reality.

What Steps Can I Take to Manifest this Intention in a Bigger Way?

This is the ‘action’ part of this process.  Here you brainstorm ideas for bringing your dreams further into your reality.  Just by writing these ideas, you are much more likely to manifest them in your life.

Then keep the resulting list in a special folder, so you can look at it again whenever you want.  But you don’t have to.  There is no ‘homework’ to this.  The deed has been done.  You have awoken the dreams in your soul and transformed them into visual inspiration.  You may also have delved further into their meaning by answering the above questions.


There is no more to do.  Seeing your Dream Board on your wall every day will remind you where you are going and inspire you to create a life for yourself which is a pure expression of your being.  In a few months or a year, you may look back at your list of meanings and actions and be amazed to realize how much they are now a vital and vibrant part of your everyday life.

You are now awake to your deepest desires and are living them every day.

I wish you joy, and a life resplendent with fulfilled dreams.



Author:  Amy Ruppert, Master Certified Coach (MCC), Personal, Business, Life, & Mentor Coach

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