Do you believe that a strong leadership is a happy leader?

Do you know an unhappy leader that isn’t as effective as they could be?

If you want to be a truly effective leader, you will work on being happier.  If you want to build an effective organization, you will help your leaders be happier.

It’s nearly impossible to follow a leader that’s unhappy.  Unhappy leaders aren’t inspiring, motivating, or energizing.  Instead, unhappy leaders tend to sap the energy out of the organization and demotivate their employees.

In the “Being a Happy Leader” Coaching Program I work with the client to create health and well being, values alignment, inner strength, stronger interpersonal skills, the right relationships to support their success and happiness, increased productivity, and more fun at work.  Through this work, the leader becomes happier, more resilient, healthier, more optimistic, a better communicator, more confident, and more effective.

Program Outline:

  1. Work/Life Balance
  2. Putting Your Health First
  3. Stress Management
  4. Time Management
  5. Aligning Your Values with Your Work
  6. Being Your Authentic Self
  7. Working in Integrity
  8. Building Effective Boundaries
  9. Positive Assertiveness
  10. Managing Conflict
  11. Working Within Your Energy Flow
  12. Letting Go of What You Can’t Change
  13. Building Your Confidence and Self Esteem
  14. Obtaining the Right Mentor
  15. Building a Support Network
  16. Finding the Fun in Your Work
  17. Learning to Be Grateful at Work


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