Do you believe that strong leadership is one of the most important factors in organizational success?

The Manchester Study of Fortune 1000 Executives showed that executives who received coaching “realized improvements in productivity (53%), quality (48%), organizational strength (48%), customer service (39%), and shareholder value.”  The study also documented an average ROI of six times the investment.

Can you afford not to invest in your leaders?

In the “Building the Leader” Coaching Program I work with the client to create clarity about who they are as a leader, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they can become more effective.  In addition, we work together to create actions and strategies for time management, productivity improvement, and improved communication skills and relationship building.

Program Outline:

  1. Determining Who You Want to Be as a Leader
  2. Communicating Your Vision
  3. Managing Your Time
  4. Delegating Effectively
  5. Increasing Your Productivity
  6. Understanding and Leveraging Your Signature Strengths
  7. Identifying and Improving on Your Weaknesses
  8. Understanding Your 360 Degree Assessment
  9. Communicating Clear Expectations to Your Staff
  10. Inspiring Your Staff
  11. Negotiating Effective Peer Relationships
  12. Strengthening Your Communication Skills
  13. Mapping Your Career


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