business-1137367_640Here are some Business Development sample interview questions you can use to help you prepare for job interviews.  I suggest practicing with a partner or your Career Coach to seek feedback to improve your answers.  When practicing alone, make sure you answer the questions aloud.  Writing your answers or thinking about your answers will not fully prepare you for answering questions verbally in an interview.

  1. What is your approach to Business Development?

  2. Describe the business development process including the key roles.

  3. Describe how you would identify, qualify and support a bid through contract award.

  4. What is the key information you need to gather to identify a qualified lead?

  5. What percentage of your time did you spend at your desk versus meeting with prospects?

  6. What would be your “First 90 Days” plan?

  7. Describe how you’ve handled conflicts with Operations in the past.

  8. What was the monthly target for business development in your previous organization?

  9. Describe some of your marketing activities in the past? Were they successful?

  10. What are your other skills related to marketing other than sales and business development?

  11. Suppose you are a business development manager and a team of people with a mixed bag of experience work for you. How will you distribute the targets?

  12. Give us some tips for generating leads for business development.

  13. What steps would you take to increase our profits?

  14. How would you create trust with our clients?

  15. What are top 4 skills for Key account executive?

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