For Business Coaching clients, the Return on Investment (ROI) for coaching has been shown in the Manchester Study to be, on average, 6 to 1.  That is a huge return, for a small investment!

For Life Coaching clients, the money you spend on coaching will make a bigger difference to whether you are happy than any other money you spend.  You can spend your money, like most Americans do, on eating out, mocha lattes, new shoes, and fancier clothes, but these things will not make you appreciably happier.

The chart below shows that even though Americans have gotten exponentially richer since the 1950s, they’ve actually become less happy.

Spending money on things probably won’t make you happier, but spending money on coaching probably will.  My clients are, on average, 25% happier after working with me for three to six months.

In addition, there are ways to make coaching more affordable. If they own their own business, many of my clients’ accountants will tell them that their coaching is tax deductible.   Also, some of my clients have gotten their companies to pay for or split the cost of coaching.

The question isn’t can you afford to hire a coach, it’s whether you can afford not to.

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