Here are some Career Exploration Questions that you may want to explore to help identify career possibilities.

  1. business_woman_thinking_11205863_sWhat job or jobs have you enjoyed doing in the past?
  2. What have you done in your past jobs that have you enjoyed?
  3. What have you been successful at?
  4. What interests you?
  5. What needs do you feel moved to meet in the world?
  6. Who inspires you? Would you want to do what they do or something related?
  7. What did you want to do when you were a child?
  8. If there were no limitations of any kind, what would you want to do?
  9. What is your BIG career or business dream?
  10. What business would you have if you owned your own business?
  11. Which of your friends are happy in their work? Would you want to do what they do?
  12. What gives you joy?
  13. What do you want your work day to look like?


Questions from Success Magazine – John Maxwell

  •  If you inherited so much money that you would never have to work again, what would you do with your time?
  •  What would you never give up because you love it so much?
  •  What hobbies have you pursued over the years and why?  These may be clues that will tell you something about yourself.
  •  What are you naturally good at-so good that other people compliment you?
  •  When others consult you for advice, what do they ask you about?
  •  What are you curious about?
  •  What do you do better than anything else?
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