road-sign-798176_640Review any or all of these Career lists and note any careers that interest you. Either let me know to add them to your Career Matrix or add them yourself.

  1. New And Emerging Careers
  2. Unusual Jobs List
  3. Most Promising Jobs of 2018 (LinkedIn List)
  4. Career List by Highest to Lowest Paying
  5. Career List of Highest Satisfaction Rating
  6. Career List by Lowest Satisfaction Rating
  7. Highest Paying Careers Without College
  8. 6 Surprisingly Well-Paid Jobs
  9. What is the Best Job in America? – Time Magazine
  10. 100 Best Jobs in America – CNN Money
  11. Great Jobs for Workers Over 50
  12. 18 Awesome Career Choices That Most College Kids Have No Idea About
  13. Understanding Departments in Companies & Organizations
  14. List of Over 12,000 Careers
  15. Music Careers
  16. Businesses Lists
  17. Creative Careers


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