Examples of Creating a Multi-Step Career Plan

Goal: GeoCaching Engineer at Microsoft

  • Geography & Computer Science Degree
  • Internship for a local firm that offers GeoCaching
  • Field Tech for a Architecture Firm
  • Extension Classes at UCI – GeoCaching
  • GeoCaching Engineer at Microsoft


Goal: Full Time Tenured Professor

  • Oil Company Executive
  • Finish Master’s Degree
  • Teach night Course for University of Phoenix
  • Go Part Time in Oil Company & Teach PT for University of Redlands
  • Full Time Tenured Professor


Goal: Become a Web Design Manager

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Take some Extension Courses
  • Do a Web Design Boot Camp
  • Do some Free Lance Web Designing
  • Apply for Web Design Entry Level Jobs
  • Take Some Leadership Courses
  • Become a Web Design Manager


Goal: Start Independent Speech Pathology Practice

  • Automobile Company Marketing Director
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Night Courses in Speech Pathology
  • Go Part Time at Auto Company & Do a Speech Pathology Internship
  • Work at a Hospital as a Speech Pathologist
  • Start Independent Speech Pathology Practice


Goal: Launch Full Time Process Improvement Consulting Practice – All Industries

  • Validation & Verification Analyst in Aerospace
  • Professional Designation in Total Quality Management
  • Pitch Process Improvement projects & lead teams in current job
  • Process Improvement Manager in Aerospace
  • Director of Quality Improvement – Healthcare
  • Part Time Director of Quality & Part Time Process Improvement Consultant
  • Launch Full Time Process Improvement Consulting Practice – All Industries


Goal: Launch Video Business

  • Sales Executive – Pharmaceuticals
  • Write Business Plan for Video Business
  • Save money for Financial Pad
  • Set up Business Systems
  • Take a Marketing Class at UCI Extension
  • Launch Video Business


Goal: Corporate Trainer – Healthcare Industry

  • Oil Industry Business Analyst
  • Seek Opportunities to Do Training & Create Training Documentation
  • Take ATD Trainer Training
  • Apply Within the Company for Training Positions
  • Corporate Trainer – Oil Industry
  • Corporate Trainer – Healthcare Industry


Goal: Land New Job That is A Promotion

  • Need to get Away From Boss, Don’t Want to Loose Retirement
  • Do Informational Interviews with Various Department Heads in the Company
  • Apply to All Jobs that Look Feasible
  • Meet with Internal Contacts I’ve Worked With in the To Let Them Know I Am Looking for Opportunities
  • Volunteer for Cross Functional Teams
  • Keep Following Up with Departments Heads & Internal Contacts
  • Land New Job That is A Promotion


Goal: Become Forensics Scientist

  • Work at McDonald’s & Play Video Games
  • Find Interest in Forensic Science
  • Get Forensics Degree
  • Do a Forensics Internship
  • Become Forensics Scientist


Goal: Become Operations Director

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • MBA
  • Take Online Courses in Healthcare Quality Assurance
  • Network with Classmates
  • Manager of Healthcare Quality Assurance
  • Director of Healthcare Quality Assurance
  • Become Operations Director


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