Here are examples of questions for each of the three VAK Learning Styles.


Visual Learner Questions – See, Imagine, Draw

1. Do you see where you’re stuck?
2. Can you describe what is blocking you?
3. Can you paint me a picture of the issue?
4. What does it look like from 10,000 feet?
5. What does success look like?
6. If you were to pick an image that represented this, what would it be?
7. What word, if you saw it, would remind you to take this action?

Auditory Learner Questions – Hear, Sound, Manipulate Words

1. If you could hear what is keeping you stuck, what would it sound like?
2. Would you like to brainstorm that?
3. Do you hear the underlying meaning here?
4. Let me reflect that back to you, when you hear it, what does it mean to you?
5. Can you tell me what your inner voice is saying about this?
6. Is there a song that represents success to you?
7. What does success sound like?
8. What are other words you could use to describe that?
9. What question could you ask yourself to create greater understanding of this?
10. Tell me the new story of how things will be going forward?

Kinesthetic Learner Questions – Feel, Touch, Move, Build, Do

1. How does being stuck feel?
2. Can you feel your way out of it?
3. If you were to build a model of this, what would it look like?
4. What object represents success for you?
5. What does success feel like?
6. How could you position that idea?
7. How could you build on that idea?
8. What is your body telling you?
9. If you were on a hike in the woods, and this happened, how would you approach it?
10. What sports metaphor could you apply to this situation?
11. What steps can you take to improve this situation?


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