1. IMG_8665-1926What are your false assumptions?
  2. Where do you limit yourself?
  3. What are other possibilities?
  4. What are you unwilling to risk?
  5. If you were able to move forward, what would you do?
  6. If you were your own coach, what would you say to yourself?
  7. What is the source of the barrier?
  8. What can I say to you to help you get unstuck?
  9. What negative thought is getting in your way?
  10. What are you attached to?
  11. Who do you know who’s gotten through that the way you want to?
  12. What is the first step?
  13. What if that didn’t matter?
  14. What is the source of what is keeping you stuck?
  15. What value is driving you to this belief?
  16. What is blocking you?
  17. Why are you stuck?
  18. Are you seeing this situation in a way that is holding you back?


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