• coaching questionsHow are you feeling about this change?
  • How are you resisting this change?
  • What do you fear about this change?
    • Do you fear losing something?
    • Do you fear getting lost?
    • Do you fear failure?
  • Is there a constructive way you could look at this change?
  • How can you embrace this change?
  • What kind of support do you need through this change?
  • How can you get the support you need through this change?
  • What are the good things about this change?
  • What are the opportunities that are created by this change?
  • How have you successfully navigated change in the past?
    • What did you learn through that experience that you can apply to this experience?
  • If nothing changes, what is likely to happen?
  • What haven’t you tried?
  • What would be the most important thing you could do to move this forward?
  • Who do you know that could help you with that?


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