dreamjob$1A great way to get your Dream Job is to identify what that dream job would be and then pitch it to upper management.  I have done this several times in my career.

For example, after I received my Total Quality Management Certification from UCLA, I looked around the Aerospace company where I worked and identified Process Improvement projects to pitch to upper management.  These projects were approved, and I was able to save the company $6 Million in the first year.  Over time, my job moved more to doing Process Improvement Projects, than being a Validation & Verification Analyst which I didn’t truly enjoy.

Steps to Creating Your Dream Job at Your Existing Company


  1. Review Your Company to See What Needs Exist that You Could Fulfill
  2.  Identify Your Dream Job
  3. Create a Description of Your Dream Job with Tasks & Responsibilities
  4. Build a Business Case for Creating Your Dream Job Position (Return on Investment, Benefits to the Company)
  5. Create a Professional Pitch for Your Dream Job (Consider Using PowerPoint with Graphs and Charts Included)
  6. Practice Your Pitch
  7. Make an Appointment to Give Your Pitch
  8. Pitch Your Dream Job
  9. Sit Back and Watch What Happens Next


It may be that you will get to do your Dream Job on a part time basis, but that at least will move you closer to your full time Dream Job, and you will be getting valuable experience.

Another way to create your Dream Job is to delegate the tasks that you don’t enjoy or that aren’t in an area of strength for you.  Or, to talk with your boss to request that these tasks be reassigned to someone else.  Sometimes small changes, can move you to a place where you are happy with your work.