job_search_goalsAn important aspect of managing your productivity during your job search is to set goals and metrics to measure your progress by.

Examples of Job Search Metrics include:

  • No. of applications submitted per week
  • No. of phone calls to contacts per week
  • No. of lunch or coffee meetings per week
  • No. or external recruiters contacted per day
  • No. of company websites reviewed per day
  • No. or networking events attended per month
  • No. of interviews per month


There are many ways to track your accomplishments against these metrics.  You can:

  • Make a chart with boxes that represent each accomplishment, post it on the wall, and mark your accomplished tasks off
  • Make an Excel spreadsheet
  • Keep them in a Word document
  • Print a chart and check them off by hand


However you decide to track your progress toward your Job Search Metrics, your productivity will go up because you have set these goals and because you have kept your focus on them.

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