mail-on-email-box-shows-received-emails_Gy3nnbvdPerforming a Mass Emailing may be time-consuming, but it may help you uncover a job that has not yet been listed on a Job Search website.  And, a hiring manager might even keep your resume on file for future openings.

You do run the risk that some people will be turned off by this approach because they receive too many emails already.  So, you have to weigh this in your decision on whether to try this approach.

Steps to creating a Job Search Mass Emailing:

  • Create a list of target companies
    • Find a list of local companies through the Chamber of Commerce(s) in your community.
    • Create a list of local companies based on the companies you see hiring on Job Search websites like
    • Drive your area and note down companies of interest in your area.
    • Research companies in your area through lists of good companies to work for on Google.  See some examples of such lists on my Finding Companies to Target page.
  • Research who the hiring manager and/or Human Resources Recruiter is for the department you would like to work for and find their email address through a Google Search or LinkedIn
  • Create the email and attach your resume.
  • Address each email to the hiring manager (you can copy and paste the body of the email or there may be software options to create mass emails for you)
  • Expect about a 2 in 80 hit rate or less for this approach
  • Follow up with a phone call
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