job hoppingJob hopping (defined as being on multiple jobs less than 18 months) can be seen as a negative by recruiters.  But some recruiters either don’t see it as a negative or see it as a positive, especially if you are in certain high tech or IT fields.

The length of time people stay in jobs has reduced in recent years, so short tenure on jobs is not as much of a stigma as it once was. The overall average amount of years that people stay in jobs currently is about 4 years:

And, the average length of time IT professionals stay at High Tech companies is under 3 years:

Job Hopping does have positive aspects.  Here is an article that identifies positives of job hopping:

Even though it is not as much of a stigma as it once was, you may want to reduce the appearance of job hopping on your resume and/or LinkedIn Profile.  Some strategies include (depending on your situation):

  • Leaving a job(s) off that is of short duration
  • Combining jobs
  • Making a Consulting or Contract job on your resume or LinkedIn Profile, and putting multiple jobs underneath it