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Donna Schilder

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Donna Schilder

Expand Your Network


It is important to have a robust network in order to leverage it to find a job. Valuable contacts come from a variety of sources. Make sure you are utilizing your full network.  You may not realize how many people you know.  Here’s a list of areas of your life to examine, to ensure you have identified all the people you know.

• Colleagues & Past Colleagues
• Vendors
• Customers/Clients
• Classmates from College
• Classmates from High School
• Classmates from Professional Courses
• Classmates from Short Courses
• Teachers
• Trainers
• Service Providers: Doctors, Dentists, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Accountants
• Community Contacts
• Fellow Church Attendees
• Board Members
• Friends
• Neighbors
• Family
• Social Media – Search for people you’ve lost contact with (LinkedIn and Facebook)