Q:  How long do people usually engage you as their Coach?

A:  A common period of time is a year.  Some people engage me for as little as 3 months and I have clients I’ve had for 8 years.  I’ve had my Coach for 7 years.
Q:  What if I just need one Coaching session?

A:  I do offer one-time Coaching sessions if it makes sense for the situation.  Also my former clients often hire me for one or two sessions when they need some extra support or help making a decision.  And, of course, many clients stop their Coaching sessions for a while and then restart from time to time.
Q:  How do you handle it when you have to tell me something that is unpleasant?

A:  I will tell you the hard truth as I see it.  And when I am compelled to hold up a mirror to see a negative truth so that you can accomplish your goals, I will do it in a respectful way that will allow you to truly hear it.


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