iPhone App of the Month: Vision Board Deluxe – $.99

“A Vision Board is your personal collection of pictures, words, phrases, and affirmations that represent your values, goals, and dreams. It is a sacred place where you can manifest your intentions and plant positive thoughts and images into your brain. A Vision Board can also help you reprogram your subconscious to break old limiting beliefs. The positive energy and clarity that a Vision Board creates will support you in creating greater success and happiness.

The advantage of the iPhone Vision Board App is that it is lets you create portable Vision Boards that you can flip through any time, any place. Since you can view your Dream Boards multiple times per day, you are able to deeply connect to your intentions, and therefore create deep transformation. This Vision Board App also allows you to create and edit your Vision Boards anytime, anyplace. To add images, words, phrases, and affirmations to your Vision Boards: choose from the images provided, take pictures with your iPhone and insert them, upload pictures you’ve taken with other cameras, search Wallpaper Apps and save images or phrases to use, and use the Notes Feature to add words and phrases.

My Vision Boards include: Life Vision, Eating Healthy, Fitness, Financial Wealth, Business Vision, and Relationships.


    • Ability to add images that represent your ideal life
    • Ability to add notes that inspire you
    • Ability to create Vision Boards for each area of your life
    • Whole Vision Board and slideshow views
  • Additional inspirational quotes display that during your slide shows

For More information on how to use this app: Click Here

Bowls: Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls $1.99

“Bowls” is an iPhone App version of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are used by Buddhists to meditate, induce trances, for relaxation, for healthcare, for personal well-being and for religious practice. My husband and I bought some real Tibetan/Bhutanese Bowls in Bhutan and they are fantastic! – really calming.

This App is actually easier to use than the real Singing Bowls.

You can either strike the bowl or move your finger around the bowl in a circle to make it sing. Swipe sideways to access different bowls and you can also tap on the gongs or cymbals pictured.

This is a very relaxing Happiness iPhone App.

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