ChecklistBelow is a checklist we use to give Job Search Coaching clients feedback on their mannerisms and appearance for interviews. You can use it to evaluate yourself to improve your Personal Brand in job interviews.

☐ Greeting is appropriate and confident
☐ Handshake is firm, but not too strong
☐ Sitting position looks professional
☐ Hair looks professional

If female:

☐ Makeup looks professional
☐ Makeup is not too pale or plain
☐ Makeup is not overdone

☐ Glasses look professional
☐ Shoes are good quality, business-appropriate, and well maintained
☐ Suit
☐ Style is appropriate
☐ Looks well maintained and unwrinkled
☐ Pants are hemmed to an appropriate length
☐ Tie
☐ Shirt lies flat & is unwrinkled
☐ Gestures
☐ Gestures not too big
☐ Hands not too still
☐ Posture
☐ Not too casual or slouched
☐ Not too stiff
☐ Body language is appropriate
☐ Facial expressions
☐ No facial tick
☐ Eye contact is used appropriately
☐ No excessive blinking
☐ Voice tone

☐ Assertive, confident, professional
☐ Does not go up at the end of sentences like a question
☐ Voice volume is appropriate

☐ Pace of speech is appropriate
☐ No throat clearing
☐ Does not seem nervous
☐ Hand placement is appropriate
☐ Does not fidget
☐ Business card looks professional
☐ Business card content is appropriate
☐ Resume printed on resume paper
☐ Questions answered with appropriate content
☐ Panel Interviews

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