Are you about to embark on a job search and feeling a little overwhelmed?

Do you want to make sure you find the best job available?


The Job Search Coaching Program May Be for You:

  • Conducting an Effective Job Search
  • Setting Job Search Goals
  • Resources
    • Headhunters/Recruiters
    • Job Websites
    • Temporary Agencies
  • Job Search Techniques
    • Informational Interviewing
    • Tapping Into Your Network
    • Posting Resumes Online
    • Searching Job Websites
    • Searching a Company’s Job Website
    • Contacting Recruiters
    • Internships
    • Job Fairs
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Effective Follow Up
  • Evaluating Salary Offers
  • Negotiation Skills


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