Is your organization experiencing a high level of leader turnover?

Leader turnover can cost companies dearly in:



  • Lost productivity
  • Lost opportunities
  • Customer service issues
  • Separation pay
  • Recruiting costs
  • Candidate selection costs
  • Training costs

The Manchester Study of 100 Fortune 1000 Executives showed that providing coaching to leaders increases leader retention (32%) and job satisfaction (61%).

Can you afford not to invest in coaching?

“The Leader Retention” program helps leaders reduce their stress, create work/life balance, maintain their health, and avoid job burnout.  In addition, by learning to leverage their signature strengths, your leaders find more meaning in their work, become more effective, and experience more job satisfaction.

Program Outline:

  1. Reducing Your Stress
  2. Understanding and Leveraging Your Signature Strengths
  3. Managing Your Time
  4. Focusing on What’s Really Important
  5. Creating Work/Life Balance
  6. Maintaining Your Health
  7. Eliminating Your Tolerations
  8. Strengthening Your Communication Skills
  9. Negotiating Effective Relationships


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