Advanced People Search 1


LinkedIn Advanced People Searches are helpful in building your LinkedIn Network to support your Personal Brand, and are also helpful in recruiting for a job openings, looking for sales leads, looking for a vendors, researching competitors, and networking to support your Job Search.

  1. To build your network, you can use the “Company” Advanced LinkedIn Search field to search for people who work(ed) for:
    1. Companies you’ve worked for in the past
    2. Companies that were vendors you used in the past
    3. Companies that were your company’s customers
    4. Companies that were your competitors
  2. You can also build your network by using the “School” Advanced LinkedIn Search field to search for people who:
    1. Attended schools or universities you attended
    2. Taught at schools or universities you attended
  3. For your Job Search, you can use LinkedIn Advanced People Searches:
    1. To look for connections in a company you are targeting or have an interview with using a “Company” Advanced Search.
    2. To find contacts within your industry to notify that you are in a job search, you can do an “Industry” Advanced Search.
    3. You might also consider doing an Advanced Search within a industry-related “Group” you are a member of to find people to network with.
  4. You can also use the “Location” field to narrow your Advanced searches.


Advanced People Search