LinkedIn® Laws of Attraction – Part 4

By Donna Schilder, PCC, Business Coach

The More Words the Merrier!

handshakeIn Parts 2 and 3 of this Series, I talked about putting the right Keywords in the right places. But it’s important to add Keywords throughout your Profile, because that impacts the Search Algorithm too. And, it’s important that once someone clicks on your Profile it delivers an effective marketing message.

60% of LinkedIn users don’t have a complete Profile. This is a huge mistake!!!  Having an incomplete Profile can hurt your reputation!!!  If you have a blank or lackluster Profile, potential clients may reject you because you appear to be inexperienced, ineffective, or lazy.

From my perspective, I get frustrated when I take the time to look at your Profile and you haven’t taken the time to fill it out.

So let’s review the LinkedIn Profile sections so you know how to build a truly complete LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Your Headline/Tagline (High SEO Impact Section): Your Tagline is a short line of text that appears just below your name where you should describe the features and benefits you offer. Your Tagline appears on all your LinkedIn messages, posts, and anywhere you make an entry on LinkedIn, so make your marketing message effective.
  2. Summary Section: Summarize results you have achieved
  3. Specialties Section (High SEO Impact Section): List your Keywords (Coaching Specialties) here.
  4. Experience Section: List current & past jobs. At the very least, pick three or more important accomplishments for each position.  Carefully select your Job Titles as they a have high SEO impact.
  5. Education Section: I suggest listing activities, awards, accomplishments, and subjects studied to build your credibility.
  6. Skills Section The Skills Section auto fills with pre-determined terms when you type into it. I suggest you choose the auto filled terms rather than typing in your own terms, because I believe the auto filled words are indexed in the LinkedIn Search Algorithm.
  7. Additional Information Section: List trade Groups, Associations, Honors, and Awards.


NOTE:  LinkedIn provides a Flag that tells you your Profile is Incomplete until you have the following: a Photo, Summary, Education, 3 positions under Experience, and 3 Recommendations.

Once you have completed these, LinkedIn will flag your Profile as Complete. I recommend you build your profile beyond this definition of complete because the more search terms you include and the more information you have in your profile, the higher you will appear in search results and because you want to have a high-quality LinkedIn Profile, not just an adequate one.

By the way, no one can see the Incomplete Flag but you!

So this concludes my discussion of the “LinkedIn Law of Attraction.” Here are the main steps you need to take to ATTRACT clients through LinkedIn:

  • Get in the Game!
  • Put the Right Keywords in the Right Places
  • Remember: The More Words the Merrier!


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