O*Net offers many ways to explore career options. Below is an image of the main page of O*Net that has several different options for searching the information on the website. We have added notes here to help you understand which drop down menus you may want to use for your career exploration search and how to use them.

You are able to drill down to find occupations within Industries, by the work type, by the amount of required education, or by careers that have numerous job openings. O*Net can help you discover jobs and careers you may not have heard of or thought of.

onet main

The Advanced Search feature gives you the ability to search by Abilities, Interests, Knowledge , Skills, Work Activities, Work Context, Work Styles, and Work Values.

Particularly interesting searches are the Knowledge Search (which can be used to map a college major to careers), Abilities – Cognitive, Skills Search, and the Abilities – Cognitive Searches.





Skills Search




If you’ve taken the Myers Briggs (MBTI), your interests will map to the insterests search on O*Net.

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