1. Let people in your network know which companies (and positions) you are targeting and ask for warm introductions to anyone they know in those companies.

2. Search your LinkedIn connections’ connections to see if they are connected to anyone in your target companies.

  1. Ask your connections for introductions to people in your target companies.

3. Look at people in your target companies on LinkedIn, see what LinkedIn Groups they are in, and join those Groups.

  1. Send Link Requests to people in your target companies (being in a LinkedIn Group with someone gives you access to send them a Link Request)

4. Look for places to network where people in your target companies would network.

  1. Look at their LinkedIn Groups to see if there are “live” networking events or organization meetings associated with any of them.
  2. Ask people you know in your target companies where they network
  3. Ask people in your industry where they network
  4. Join a club that is associated with your target company (e.g., a Toastmasters group that meets at their facility)

Additional Tip:
• Look at your targeted company websites regularly to see if they list any appropriate openings

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