Below are data sheets and case studies regarding LinkedIn’s Corporate Recruiting and Advertising Solutions.

LinkedIn Recruiter Overview video

  • Recruiter License – Seat based licensed enabling your recruiters to source from our 300 million members with no restrictions.  The Recruiter Platform acts like you have a 1 to 1 connection with every person on LinkedIn which is awesome for organizations building a passive talent pipeline.


  • Job Slots –  Job Slots on LinkedIn leverage the behaviors of social media and the activities going on within LinkedIn to push your open positions to both active and passive candidates.  Organizations need to leverage LinkedIn to recruit the “best” talent vs. just the active talent which job boards like Career Builder and Monster historically have focused on.  Furthermore, we see that Job Postings on LinkedIn being forwarded an average of 11 times which is really social media working at its best!


  • LinkedIn Career Page – A LinkedIn Career Page provides you the ability to promote your organization as an Employer of Choice and help create a customized experience for potential candidates pursuing your organization and opportunities.


  • Work With Us Ads – Work With Us Ads act as an extension of your employee referral program by “owning” the Ad space on your Employees’ Profiles to promote your open Jobs to passive candidates without your employees having to lift a finger.
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