Stress Free Marketing
Do you know you need to be marketing your business,
but never find time?


Do you want to market your business efficiently?


Stress Free Marketing



  • Targeting a Niche That Can Afford You
  • Asking for What You’re Worth
  • Marketing Channels
  • Tips for Low Cost Marketing
  • Creating a Marketing Plan & Budget
  • Educating Your Customers Begins With Marketing
  • Marketing with Your Heart


“I just realized that I haven’t been doing much in the way of marketing. I’VE LEARNED SO MUCH FROM YOUR PROGRAM that now I know how much there is to do!  Now, I’m aware of opportunities I used to miss. Now I recognize the opportunities and seize them.  That’s progress.” –M.G.  Hypnotherapist

“I just finished my Marketing Budget.  It made me realize that some of the things that cost the least are the most effective:  calling possible referral partners.  I was dragging my feet on making these calls because I don’t enjoy it.  Now I know that I should just do it!” –D.C. Consultant

“I may not get the theory behind coaching, but it works.  Yesterday I wrote a speech and composed my elevator speech.  Today I’m calling to nail down a time to give my speech!”  –A.D., Graphic Designer

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