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SWOT Analysis


(SWOT) Analysis

SWOT analysis is a planning tool often used in business and it works well for personal planning as well.

The following gives an example of the two stages of the tool:  the initial Brainstorm Characteristics and the Brainstorm of tasks and goals generated from the Characteristics.

You can use the tool for a whole business or your whole life, or you can zero in on an issue or situation and analyze that with the tool.

The last pages in this document are blank pages you can use to do a SWOT analysis.

Example Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats

(SWOT) Analysis

Topic:  Personal Life



  •  Resilience
  • We work hard
  • We get along well with others
  • We know how to have fun
  • We know about business and finances
  • We are educated

  • We don’t exercise enough
  • We like good food

  • Find another job closer to home
  • Start a business
  • Go back to school

  •  High blood pressure
  • Illness
  • Falls
  • Mugged, shot, murdered
  • A weaker U.S. economy
  • Lose our jobs
  • Earthquake (no earthquake insurance)
  • May need to support our mothers
  • Disability 




SWOT Analysis – Goals


How can I (we) capitalize on my (our) strengths?


Keep an eye on the job market and look for ways to move up in our jobs

Keep our network built up


How can I (we) compensate for my (our) weaknesses?


Join a gym

Eat healthier at restaurants


How can I (we) take advantage of our opportunities?


Look for a job closer from home

Start a small internet business

How can I (we) prepare for or prevent the impact of my (our) threats?


Go to the Gym

Wear sensible shoes

Fix the staircase

Be careful of where we go at night

Have our resumes ready

Research what jobs are out there and get training if necessary to be prepared

Get earthquake insurance

Get our earthquake kit up-to-date

Build a room onto the house for our mothers

Make sure our mothers have Life Insurance and Long-Term Healthcare Insurance

Save money



SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses





Opportunities Threats









Your SWOT Analysis – Goals & Tasks


How can I (we) capitalize on  my (our) strengths? How can I (we) compensate for my (our) weaknesses?





How can I (we) take advantage of our opportunities? How can I (we) prepare for or prevent the impact of my (our) threats?








Blank SWOT Charts