The Book of Lists is a book published annually by the Business Journals in each major U.S. City.

It is a book that lists the top private companies, public companies, non-profits, professional associations, recruiting firms and more specific to that city.  It is a great resource for making your target company lists and finding specific associations and recruiting firms to network with during your search.

If you subscribe to the business journal in your city you get the book of lists as part of the subscription, free Of charge.  You can also purchase the book of lists independently in the ballpark of $100.00 depending on the city you live in.

You can also access this book at your local library free of charge.  Another great resource for research on your Job search is to contact your local business librarian sometimes they can offer a wealth of resources.

The Business Journal website also lists companies in major cities within some major categories (e.g., Accounting, Manufacturing, Non-Profit).


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