Things to Work on with Your Job Search CoachJob Search


Job Search Marketing Collateral

 Resume (e.g., general feedback, guidance, resources, examples, &/or referrals)
 Cover Letter (e.g., general feedback, resources, examples, &/or referrals)
 Elevator Speech
 Network (People) List
 LinkedIn Profile (e.g., general feedback, resources, examples, &/or referrals)
 Executive Bio (e.g., general feedback, resources, examples, &/or referrals)
 Online Presence
 Personal Branding
 References

 Target Company List

Job Search Plan

Job Search Strategies (Choose at least 6)

 Recruiters & Headhunters
 Work Your Existing Network
 Network to Find a Job
 Job Search Websites
 LinkedIn
 Company Website Job Listings
 Review & Consider the Other 20 Job Search Strategies

 Job Search Schedule
 Job Search Metrics & Goals
 Organization
 Productivity & Accountability

 Hone Skills in Selected Job Search Strategies
 Interview Preparation & Follow Up
 Mental Game of Job Search

 Motivation
 Confidence
 Perseverance
 Rejection
 Resilience

Negotiate Job Offer(s)

 Onboard into Your New Job (“The First 90 Days”)
 Build Leadership & Professional Skills
 Maintain Your Business Network
 Search for the Next Job on Your Career Path


 Becoming more organized
 Overcoming Procrastination
 Improving my listening skills
 Creating strategies to complete important personal projects
 Giving myself credit for my accomplishments
 Gaining a broader perspective on the situations in my life
 Building reserves of money, energy, love, time
 Increasing the level of integrity with which I live my life
 Growing spiritually or personally
 Becoming more confident
 Becoming more organized
 Exploring options for problem-solving or decision making

Creating a Comprehensive Life Plan

 Determining my life mission and vision
 Goal setting:
 Health management
 Risk management
 Personal finances
 Housing
 Lifestyle
 Spiritual and personal growth
 Romance
 Business or career
 Hobbies
 Volunteer work
 Relationships
 Personal legacy
 Prioritizing my goals


 Reducing my stress
 Following my exercise plan
 Creating the discipline to eat healthy foods
 Setting up health screenings with my physician


 Creating more meaning, passion, purpose in my life
 Having more pleasure and leisure in my life
 Understanding and satisfying my personal needs
 Becoming more grateful
 Creating life balance
 Simplifying my life
 Being more at peace
 Eliminating what’s irritating me in life


 Creating and maintaining boundaries with friends and family
 Expanding or improving my social network
 Dealing with the difficult people in my life
 Improving my communication skills
 Building a social network