Things to Work on with Your Life CoachSelf-Improvement
 Gaining a broader perspective on the situations in my life
 Increasing the level of integrity with which I live my life
 Becoming more confident
 Increasing my assertiveness
 Increasing my conflict resolution skills
 Avoiding procrastination
 Managing my time
 Building strategies to remember my to do’s
 Managing my calendar
 Organizing my life
 Organizing my office
 Organizing my home
 Organizing my car

 Increasing my sense of gratitude
 Increasing my sense of optimism
 Understanding my values
 Finding a greater sense of purpose
 Increasing the pleasure in my life
 Having more fun
 Finding more friends
 Understanding what I enjoy doing
 Finding hobbies that are fun and meaningful
 Learning to think positively
 Learning to use positive affirmations
 Building my desired lifestyle

 Managing difficult relationships
 Building stronger relationships
 Increasing romance
 Finding a romantic partner
 Leaving a romantic partner

Creating a Life Plan
 Determining my life mission and vision
 Seeing life possibilities
 Personal Goal setting:

 Health management
 Risk management
 Personal finances
 Housing
 Lifestyle
 Spiritual and personal growth
 Romance
 Business or career
 Hobbies
 Volunteer work
 Relationships
 Personal legacy

 Creating work/life balance
 Reducing my stress
 Avoiding the adrenaline lifestyle
 Creating healthy habits
 Following my exercise plan
 Creating the discipline to eat healthy foods
 Setting up Health Screenings with my physician