Allison came to me feeling negative and stuck.  We partnered to create three strategies to help her become fearless, joyful, and resilient at work:

  • Allison imagined that there was a bubble surrounding her that would only let positive energy and comments in and would deflect negativity and criticism.  When she knew she was going to encounter a negative person, she would reinforce her mental image of the bubble.


Unfortunately, like many of us, Allison works with bullies.  The bubble can be very effective.  I’ve seen it work for many of my clients.  It’s like the old children’s rhyme, “what you say bounces off me and sticks to you.”

  • Next we used guided imagery to help Allison picture success in challenging situations, for example, presentations, networking, asking for new opportunities, and interacting with a difficult boss.
  • In addition, Allison created a daily habit of listing three things she was grateful for at work.  She did this in the morning to set the tone for the rest of the day.


Through these three strategies and our work together, Allison has stopped feeling the impact of negativity, gained the courage to reach out for new opportunities, and become much happier.

Allison:  “People are coming up to me at work and saying ‘there’s something different about you.  You seem so much happier and stronger.’ The difference is, I choose to react differently to people.  I don’t let them upset me. Also, I choose to be positive and proactive.  It really works!  I am so much happier now!”

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