If you’ve had good employees leave recently, here are some questions you might use for soul searching.

  • why good employees leaveDid you work to motivate this employee?
  • Did you take your stress out on them?
  • Did you constantly change priorities?
  • Did you spend time with this employee?
  • Did you make sure they had all the skills and knowledge they needed to do the job?
  • Were your expectations unreasonable?
  • Did you choose the right person for the job in the first place?
  • Did you have favorites?
  • Were you moody?
  • Did you take the time to find out what their issues were?
  • Did you know what motivated them?
  • Did you ask for their opinions?
  • Were you fair with that person?
  • Did you say “thank you”?
  • Did you make them feel valued?
  • Did you let them have control over their work?
  • Did you make them feel important?


By examining the answers to these questions you may be able to prevent other good employees from leaving.

Also, when a good employee leaves, ask others if they know why the person left.

Why do employees stay?

  • They have strong relationship with management
  • They are given worthwhile and challenging work
  • They are given an opportunity to grow