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Donna Schilder

Deeply Ingraining Positive Affirmations

In these challenging times, those of us who remain positive will be more successful, resilient, happier, and healthier.  No matter how much negative energy or information we receive, we can take charge of our thought patterns to maintain a positive outlook.

We’ve all heard about repeating Positive Affirmations to help us think more positively, attain our goals, and lose weight.  What you might not know is that there are techniques you can use to more deeply ingrain your Positive Affirmations so that they have an even greater impact on how you think, feel, and act.

You can think of your subconscious as a small, easily influenced animal.  If it is fed positive energy it will be positive; if it is fed negative thoughts and energy, it will be negative.  Affirmations help us be more positive because they feed our subconscious positive thoughts.

If you don’t already have Positive Affirmations that you work with, I’ve got a list of Affirmations, by category (Self Esteem, Success, Health, Relationships, Wealth) on my website.

One affirmation that I recommend to my clients is:

Success:  “I see opportunities all around me and take advantage of them.”

This affirmation helps you keep your eyes open, when scarcity thinking tries to keep them closed.

You can choose Affirmations from my Affirmations List, from the webpages I have shared in my Affirmations List article, or you can create your own.

So how can you deeply embed your affirmations?  Tailor your Affirmation Learning Strategies to your Learning Style.  There are three common Learning Styles:  Visual, Auditory (hearing, verbal), Kinesthetic (touch, feel).

If you don’t know your Learning Style, I have a Learning Style Inventory on my website.

Whatever Learning Style, you can benefit from using multiple learning strategies to master information; so don’t be afraid to experiment with all the strategies listed.

Visual Learners

60% of the population are Visual Learners.  Powerful Visual Learning technique are:

    1. Look into a mirror, deep into your own eyes, and repeat your affirmation.


    1. Read or write the affirmation repeatedly.


  1. Post a picture (where you will see it every day) that represents your affirmation or upload Affirmation pictures to an electronic picture frame.

Auditory Learners

Auditory Learners learn by manipulating language:

1. Discussing the meaning of their affirmation.

2. Listening to a recording repeat their affirmation.

3. Singing their affirmation.

Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic Learners learn by moving and doing. Kinesthetic Learning strategies include:

1. Walking or running while repeating or listening to an affirmation.

NOTE:  Anyone can benefit from the back and forth motion of running or walking
while they learn. (This motion has a deep impact on the brain).

2. Tracing their affirmation in the sand or against a rough piece of cloth.

  • To make this really fun, trace the affirmation in the sand at the beach!

3. Making a collage that illustrates the affirmation.

4. Placing an object that represents the affirmation in their home (this is a Feng Shui principle).

All Learning Styles

In order to have the greatest impact on your thought patterns, use your affirmation ingraining techniques for at least 30 days.

Remember, we don’t have to be negative, just because the news is negative.  We can choose to see the possibilities that are all around us and harness the power of positive thinking.  I hope you will use these techniques to take charge of your thought patterns and deeply ingrain your Positive Affirmations.

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