success, coachingHere are some of my favorite Coaching Questions:

1. If you were able to move forward, what would you do?
2. What are you taking away from this?
3. What kind of an opportunity does this present to you?
4. How could you love yourself more deeply?
5. If you were your own coach, what would you say to yourself?
6. If you did know, what would the answer be?
7. Have you been living your life too small?
8. What is your purpose on Earth?
9. Have you made the most of your life?
10. What would really stretch you?
11. What’s become clearer to you?
12. What is the source of the barrier?
13. What question do I need to ask you?
14. Is that enough of a challenge?
15. How are you being with this?
16. How can you use this knowledge to move forward?
17. How do you define success?
18. Who are you being in this situation?
19. Does that serve you in your life?
20. Are you seeing any patterns in your behavior?
21. What can I say to you to help you get unstuck?
22. What are you grateful for?
23. Who told you that?

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24. How could you look at this in a positive way?
25. What negative thought is getting in your way?
26. What is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be?
27. What change will make you happier?
28. What are the benefits of making this change?
29. Where do you go to find your sanctuary?
30. Do you think caffeine might be impacting your stress level? If so, how?
31. How stressed were you in your work and for how long were the periods of stress?
32. How much sleep is this person losing over you?
33. Would you like an even better life?
34. If your life were perfect, what would be different?
35. What’s the greatest gift you could give yourself?
36. Who do you remind yourself of right now?
37. How are you sabotaging yourself?
38. What are you attached to?
39. Who do you know who’s gotten through that the way you want to?
40. What is the first step?
41. What if that didn’t matter?
42. If you were a coach, how would you coach yourself to win here?
43. What is the source of that?
44. When will you do that?
45. Is there another way?
46. How much longer can you continue living this way?
47. How much is this costing you?
48. What is your vision for yourself?
49. What do you really want?
50. Who told you that?
51. Five years from now, what will have been the better decision?
52. What is possible here?
53. Is this really in your best interest?
54. When will you stop that?
55. What in your life doesn’t really serve you?
56. Are you more engrossed in earning a living than designing a life?
57. What is your lifelong dream?
58. What one change in your life would make the biggest positive difference?
59. What one gift do you want to build your life around?
60. If nothing changes, what is likely to happen?
61. How is this currently impacting you?
62. How have you contributed to this problem?
63. What haven’t you tried yet?
64. What would success look like?
65. What is working?
66. What is not working?
67. What do you want?
68. What is lacking in this situation?
69. What value is driving you to this belief?
70. What is blocking you?
71. Why are you stuck?
72. Has this happened before? How did you overcome it then?
73. How can you give yourself permission to do a little less?
74. What could you eliminate?
75. How could you simplify your life?
76. What does that mean to you?
77. What is the pattern here?
78. What do you hear in this?
79. What do you see in this?
80. What are some opportunities you are not currently taking advantage of?
81. Who in charge of your life?
82. Are you seeing this situation in a way that is holding you back?
83. Are we on track with what you want to focus on today?
84. Can you hold yourself to a higher standard?
85. How will you benefit when you have completed this goal?
86. Do you have a sense of being on the right track?
87. Do you feel authentic to yourself?
88. Do you think about the positive possibilities that are available to you?
89. What keeps you going?
90. What is working for you?


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Need a Mentor Coach? As an MCC, I can help you hone your Coaching Skills or become ICF Certified. Contact me today for a Coaching Consultation!

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