Ideal Career/Business Characteristics – Example 


  1. Work that makes me happy
  2. Work with the following characteristics:
  • Meaningful work
  • Creativity
  • Respect
  • Nurturing
  • Security



  1. Work with the following characteristics
  • Peaceful
  • Creativity
  • Flexible
  • Respect
  • Meaningful work
  • Independent
  1. Not too much day to day pressure to meet deadlines
  2. Work with people one on one in a positive way
  3. An opportunity to build people
  4. Work 30 hours a week
  5. Not to have to deal with de-motivated people

Career/Business Characteristics

Choose five characteristics that you would like your work to have at this time (your desired characteristics may change throughout your life, as mine have).  You can use your five characteristics to assess possible career choices or to modify your current work to be more satisfying and compatible with your desired lifestyle.


___   Independence: Doing things on your own; having the freedom to do as you believe is best, ability to take risks at work.

___   Fun:  Being happy, enjoying the type of work, and being in a pleasant environment.

___   Expertise:  Being the best in your field, having an opportunity for competition, receiving recognition, meeting goals.

___   Ability To Exercise Competency:  Showing a high degree of proficiency in job skills and knowledge.

___  Wealth:  Earning a great deal of money, salary /commission, bonuses.

___  Education: Continuing to learn new things, expanding your knowledge in a new area.

___  Location:  Living close to work, working where there are interesting things to see or do.

___  Leadership:  Ability to influence others, ability to inspire others to action.

___  Creativity: Developing and/or implementing new ideas or projects.

___  Prestige:  Position or accomplishment provides prestige and/or respect from others.

___  Nurturing:  Contributing to the welfare of others, helping people or society.

___  Friendship:  Being liked by others, having companionship, working on team projects with persons you would choose to work with.

___  Flexibility: Flex time, ability to take off at different times during the day or week, ability to work less than 40 hours a week.

___  Health:  Taking care of yourself, lower level of stress, physical exercise is incorporated into the job.

___ Beauty:  Working close to the beauty of nature, fine art, music, literature, architecture, and/or theater.

___ Security:  Health Insurance, benefits, not having to worry about present or future income or welfare.

___ Stability: Having a work routine and job duties that are largely predictable and do not change over time.

___ Meaningful Work: Work that provides personal meaning to you, allows you to make an impact, and/or matches your values.

___ Respect:  A work environment in which you are treated with respect and dignity.

Which is the most important characteristic?

How can you build these characteristics into your present job?

What new job would have these characteristics? 


Career/Business Goals – Example


Send out 100 resumes



Take Access Database programming

Read 3 Total Quality Management Books



Find a job in Process Improvement/Total Quality Management



Publish an article



Write a screenplay (take one month off to write)



Send out 5 magazine articles



Make x for corporate training for x days


Career/Business Goals

Spread your career/business goals across the next 20 years.


New Position

  1. Get a ______________ job
  2. Find a new career ______
  3. Work overseas
  4. Job search tasks
  • Revise my resume or curriculum vitae
  • Send out _____ number of resumes
  • Go on ________ interviews
  • Connect with a recruiter
  • Get a manager or agent


Current Position


  1. Get a promotion to__________________________________
  2. Get a job in a certain location___________________________
  3. Design a career path ____


Work Quality


  1. Do a better job at work ____
  2. Become more productive at work ____


Perks and Pay


  1. Make __________ dollars per hour, week, month, year
  2. Get a  $________ bonus
  3. Get ________________________________________ perk(s)
  4. Get _______________________ benefit
  5. Determine if your salary is at industry standard ____
  6. Seek an appropriate salary based on the industry standard ___
  7. Get or ask for an ____% raise
  8. Get a _____________ award




  1. Obtain _________________ on the job training
  2. Attend a __________________ seminar.
  3. Obtain a _______________ professional certification




  1. Start a ___________________ new business
  2. Build my business to $ _____________ per __________
  3. Build the number of clients I have to _________________
  4. Get a partner ____
  5. Write a business plan ____


Business Tasks


  1. Get a new business card____
  2. Develop a verbal business card____
  3. Look into incorporating____
  4. Get a Business License____
  5. Set up a home office____


Additional Streams of Income


  1. Write a book
  2. Write magazine or newspaper articles
  3. Do a speech on ____________________________
  4. Teach a class in ____________________________
  5. Sell _____________________________________
  6. Create a Side business in ____________________
  7. Get a second job
  8. Other ____________________________________


Work Life Quality


  1. Work _______ number of hours per week
  2. Reduce my stress____
  3. Engage in meaningful work____
  4. Do __________________________________ type of project
  5. Find work with my desired work characteristics
  6. Other ____________________________________________


Career/Business Goals

Create goals that will help you shape the work you have to match your desired work characteristics more closely:



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